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Modern Times is a video label who are responsible for releasing Thomas VHS/DVDs in Greece.

Known releases


  1. A Naughty Train!
  2. The Adventures of Thomas
  3. The Infamous Thomas
  4. Incredible Travels
  5. The Most Happy Friends
  6. Mischief with Thomas


  1. Appointment at the Station!
  2. A Wonderful Trip
  3. A Lively Companionship
  4. 3 DVD Boxset 1
  5. The Twin Engines Were Confused!
  6. A Day at the Station
  7. Adventures at the Railway Station
  8. 3 DVD Boxset 2
  9. The Trains Have Fun
  10. Time for Work
  11. A Strange Train
  12. The Proudest Train
  13. And Trains Make Mistakes
  14. Thomas and the Rainbow!

Releases Gallery



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