“Bacon rolls and hot dogs are my best sellers!"
"We'd better tell Thomas that a hot dog is a roll with a sausage in it before he starts to worry!”
―Wellsworth's snack bar owner and Thomas' driver

Mixed Grill is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller sends Thomas to make some deliveries. At the first stop, some sausages are unloaded from the train. The fireman remarks that toad-in-the-hole is his favourite dinner. Thomas is surprised until the driver explains that there are no real toads in it. At the next station, the driver off-loads trays of eggs. The driver remarks that eggs in bed is his favourite breakfast. Again, Thomas is puzzled, but the guard explains that it is only fried eggs in bread.

At Wellsworth, bacon and sausages are unloaded. The snack bar owners tells Thomas' crew that hot dogs are his best seller. Thomas' driver quickly explains what a hot dog is to Thomas before the tank engine starts to worry. By midday, Thomas arrives back at the main station, where the Fat Controller watches Thomas' delivery with interest. The Fat Controller explains that "mixed grill" is his favourite and it is lunchtime.


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