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"I've lost so much weight, I've shrunk!"
— James

Mirror, Mirror is a magazine story.


One morning, the Fat Controller asks James to take a special delivery of mirrors to the seaside. James didn't like pulling freight, but he didn't dare say no to the Fat Controller. However, when James saw his reflection in the mirror, he was surprised to see that he looked very fat. He decided to do some exercises, he raced around a branch line, and through the main station again. He even managed to blow the Fat Controller's hat off. Nearby, Caroline was waiting at a crossing, James raced through a puddle and splashed mud all over her. Then James raced up behind Percy, who was pulling a slow goods train. To get out of the way, Percy swerved into a siding. James steamed right round the island before returning to the main station. When he looked at himself in the mirror, he thought he had shrunk. The Fat Controller laughed, and said that they were special mirrors for the "Hall of Mirrors" at the pier, James felt very silly!



  • The magazine story also features an image of the Fat Controller from the Seventh season.


  • The text says that James returned to the Main Station, but the image shows him at the pier.


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