The Storyteller

The Injured Sailor

The Quarry-master

The Portly Man

The Firelighter

The Special Visitor

Mrs. Kyndley's Daughter

Tiger Moth's Pilot

The Lighthouse Keeper

The Railway Board

The Coaling Plant Manager

Mr. Jolly

Merchandise Gallery

The Vet

The Captain

The Fisherman

The Tailor

Dusty Miller

Headmaster Hastings

Dryaw FC coach

The Piano Lady

The Experts

The Ice-Cream Factory Manager

The Dairy Manager

The Airport Manager

The Famous Artist

The Baker

"Dusty" Dave


The Admiral

The Carpenter

The Engineer

The Magician

Merchandise Gallery

The School Choir

The Tree Specialists

The Percival Children

Miss Mary Marvel

The Bargeman

The Fireman

The Balloon Repairman

The Teacher

The Bird Watcher

Sodor United Football Team

The Schoolchildren

The Ginger-haired Boy

The Blond-haired Boy

The Welsh Bird Watcher

The Groundsman

The Postman

The Male Puppet Show Entertainer

The Female Puppet Show Entertainer

The Museum Manager

The Great Railway Show Judge