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Minimax is a Czech, Bosnian, Hungarian and Romanian TV channel. It airs Thomas & Friends episodes and many other TV series. Its Polish equivalent is Mini Mini.

Broadcasts in:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbian)
  • Serbia/Kosovo
  • Finland
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Albania (Serbian)
  • Slovenia
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia (Czech)
  • Moldova (Romanian)
  • Macedonia (Serbian)
  • Estonia
  • Montenegro (Serbian)

Thomas and Friends in those countries

Tomas i Drugari - Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thomas si Prietenii Sai - Romania, Moldova

Tuomas Veturi - Finland

Lokomotiva Tomas - Czech Republic, Slovakia

Lokomotiva Tomaz in Prijatelji - Slovenia

Tomica i Prijatelji - Croatia

Thomas es Baratai - Hungary


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