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Mike O'Donnell (born 10th March 1952) was the co-music composer for Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, from its debut in 1984 until 2003. He was also the music composer for Tugs.

Mike, a bass guitarist and vocalist, worked at the Beatles' "Apple Studios," where his love for music grew stronger after some memorable sessions with several famous singers. He also joined a band, Gold, who, despite having few hits, sold a number of singles such as "Stay with Me My Love" and "Paradise."

At some point Mike and Junior Campbell signed to the same publisher, and their partnership sparked. They have collaborated on writing television jingles, which continued even after leaving their bands.

The two have composed many songs for the show like Thomas' Anthem, Really Useful Engine, It's Great to be an Engine, Accidents will Happen, Every Cloud has a Silver Lining, and Down by the Docks.

Mike lives in Surrey with his wife Barbera, daughter Sian and son Ben.


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  • Mike O'Donnell has said that he doesn't have a favourite song from the show due to each song having their own charm.
  • In his youth, Mike was brought up on Tom & Jerry and The Flintstones, as well as Harman & Ising.
  • Mike does not know how to read sheet music.


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