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Mighty Mac (later re-titled Mighty and Mac Work it Out) is the thirty-seventh book in the My Thomas Story Library series.


The Island of Sodor is a popular tourist destination in the summertime and the engines are so busy that the Fat Controller has asked a new engine to come and help out. The new engine would take holidaymakers to the mountain campsite and had to be very strong as the track was steep and twisty. Thomas met the new engine at the Transfer Yards and was surprised to see it had two faces! The engine introduced himself as Mighty Mac (one end Mighty, the other end Mac). When Mr. Percival, the Thin Controller, told them their job, they were worried as they did not know how to get to the other side of the platform where the passengers were waiting - but Thomas was there to help and explained. He told them to look where they wanted to go and follow the track that went in that direction. But when Mighty and Mac started trying to get to the campsite, they got in an argument over which track they should take and were both puffing in different directions. This only angered Mr Percival, so Thomas showed them the way. Mighty and Mac coupled onto their carriage and started the journey uphill to the campsite. But when they came to a fork in the road, they started arguing about which way to go, pushing and pulling each other onto different tracks.

But as Mighty and Mac had been too busy arguing to look where they were going, they soon went the wrong way and ended up at a dead-end. Mighty and Mac started arguing about whose fault it was and were pushing and shoving each other - and accidentally knocked their carriage off the rails. Now the holidaymakers were annoyed. They worked together to push the carriage back onto the rails and Mighty and Mac watched them helping each other. This gave them an idea - "Let's work together!" said Mac. Mighty coupled onto the carriage and this time Mac took the lead - and they were off. The holidaymakers cheered and Mighty and Mac remembered what Thomas had told them to help them find the camp site. They discovered that when they work together, they could be a Really Useful Engine!




  • Mighty Mac is depicted as a standard gauge engine.


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