• Number: 5
  • Primary Function: Maintenance work
  • Built Date: 1940
  • Builder: Ruston and Hornsby
  • Gauge: 2ft 3in
  • Wheel diameter: 18"
  • Wheelbase: 3' 4.5"
  • Engine: 4VRH
  • Transmission: 3-speed constant mesh gears with multiple clutches, chain drive
  • Power: 53 bhp at 1100 rpm
  • Weight: 7 tons

Midlander is Rusty's Talyllyn Railway counterpart, and was purchased from Jee's Quarry in 1957. She was rebuilt during her time on the Talyllyn, re-entering service in 1980. Like her Sudrian twin, Midlander is used for maintenance work along the line.


Midlander is painted a forest green livery with red bufferbeams and a blue nameplate.


* RWS only | ** T&F only

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