“Puff my pistons! Sorry, Percy! You were right! Those metal men are real after all!”

Metal Men is a short magazine story.


Percy puffs past a junction and spots a giant man standing on a truck being pulled by Edward who explains that it is a metal statue that he is taking to Sodor Castle. Later, Percy spots a man wearing a shiny suit and riding a horse which he knows cannot possibly be a statue.

Back at the sheds, Percy tells Edward what he has seen, but Edward does not believe him.

The next day, both engines have to take trains to Sodor Castle. When they arrive, they see lots of people dressed up in costumes. Among them is a king and a queen. Percy directs Edward's attention to two metal men. The driver explains that there is a special show taking place at the castle about the olden days and the "metal men" are knights in metal armour. Edward is surprised and says sorry to Percy as the men are real, after all.


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