This article is about Mid Sodor Railway/Arlesdale Railway station. You may be looking for Maithwaite on the North Western Railway.

Marthwaite is a station and village. The village itself is a pleasant one. It is

sheltered on the north by tree-clad hills, and in the south by the river. It is well served by road and rail, and is a popular holiday centre.

During its Mid Sodor Railway days, the platform and station buildings shown were on the south side of the line. While on the Arlesdale Railway, while these buildings are still in service, another platform was added on the north side of the loop in 1972. Marthwaite was the mid-point, and the Arlesdale Railway's only passing place. They extended the loop to increase its capacity and avoid congestion, but it didn't succeed entirely, and at times five trains could be seen at Marthwaite waiting to pass each other. Two loops were added along the railway later on: one at Ffarquhar Road, and another in the woods near Arlesdale Green, and thanks to that the line improved in keeping time and traffic flow, and increasing the line's capacity.

A small goods yard is located here ever since the Mid Sodor days and the Arlesdale Railway have increased the siding capacity of it to accommodate their bogie hopper wagons, being a great improvement on the smaller wagons used by the Mid Sodor.

There's a granite quarry a mile and a half from the village, and approached through a belt of trees. This quarry was also here during the days of the Mid Sodor Railway.


  • The station was named after Murthwaite on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway which the Arlesdale Railway is based off, although the station's equivalent is Irton Road Station, which is also from the same railway.

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