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The village of Maron is divided into two areas. The modern village has grown up around the station at the summit of Gordon's Hill, while older buildings are built onto the steep hillside in terraces. In the CGI series, it is where the Ulfstead Branch Line splits from the main line.

The station is a compulsory stop for all "down", unfitted or loosely-coupled goods to "pin down" brakes. Bankers, after assisting "up" trains, reverse over the points at the station onto the "down" line for the run back to Wellsworth.

In the television series, the station has seen many changes to its architecture, however it has stayed consistent since the sixth season. One example of this is, during the early series, the platforms were straight, but since the sixth season, they are curved.

Since the sixth season, Maron has appeared in every season except for the ninth, seemingly being replaced by Abbey due to the two station's similar appearances.

In the north of Maron is Boulder Quarry, which has long since been closed down.


  • The main building model can be seen on display in a museum at Kyoto, Japan.
  • Several posters can be seen at Maron: one is Thomas crossing a bridge, seen from the opening of Hero of the Rails, and the other one is an advertisement of Ulfstead Castle with Connor and Caitlin. There is also a poster of Emily crossing Black Loch on the side.



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