“Ding my bell!”

Market Day is a magazine story.


It is the day of the Sodor Farmers' Market. Terence arrives with a cartload of goods and Bulgy is on his way too, packed with eggs, fruit, and vegetables from the farm. Unfortunately, the main road to the market is busy, so he decides to take a short cut. However, he soon arrives at a low bridge. Luckily, Rosie arrives with an empty flatbed and offers to take Bulgy's goods to market. Soon, all the produce is placed on Rosie's flatbed and she is steaming on her way with Bulgy following slowly behind. Before entering the station, Rosie has to break sharply at a red signal. The jolt makes fruits and vegetables tumble off the flatbed and onto the tracks. Some costumers at the market rush over to help pick it up and they are so impressed by the delicious looking produce that they are soon buying it all before it is even unloaded! When Bulgy arrives, he wonders where all the produce has gone. Rosie proudly tells him that it is all sold!



  • In one illustration, Rosie's wheels do not have spokes and her side rods are golden.


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