"I still kick myself now. I absolutely love the job. It's such an iconic character and we've all grown up with him."
— Mark Moraghan on his storytelling role, Good Morning Britain

Mark Stephen Moraghan (born in Toxteth, Liverpool, England on 27th January 1963) is a British actor and singer who is the current narrator for Thomas & Friends in the UK and the US. He also re-narrated the thirteenth season episode Snow Tracks specially for the DVD Santa's Little Engine in the US, as well as re-narrating shortened versions of the fourteenth season episodes, Charlie and Eddie and Thomas' Crazy Day and the fifteenth season episodes, Up, Up and Away! and Percy's New Friends for the PBS Kids website. Moraghan also provides the voice-over for the Read and Play! app.

He has appeared in many British drama series including Peak Practice and Heartbeat. He is most famous for his roles as Greg Shadwick in Brookside, Ray Wyatt in Dream Team, Owen Davies in Holby City and Barry, one of the original Scousers, in Harry Enfield and Chums.


  • He was interviewed for his role as the current narrator on BBC Radio Merseyside in May 2013 at which time he said that he had recorded about one hundred episodes at the time and he stated his opinion on the series.
  • He started working on Thomas and Friends around June 2012.
  • On 19th July 2013, he attended at Drayton Manor's Thomas Land as a V.I.P guest for the grand opening of Winston's Whistle-Stop Tour.
  • Mark and his family attended the Blue Carpet premiere events including King of the Railway on 18th August 2013, Tale of the Brave on 10th August 2014, Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure on 12th July 2015 and The Great Race on 22nd May 2016.
  • He and Michael Angelis both appeared on the same episode of "Harry Enfield and Chums".
  • He and Ted Robbins both appeared in the same episode of "Holby City".
  • He and Andrew Sachs both appeared in the same episode of "Holby City".
  • Both he and Robert Wilfort appeared in the same episode of "Holby City".
  • He and TUGS voice actor Shaun Prendergast both appeared in the "Holby City" episode "Best Laid Plans" and a film "Stepdad", which was also directed by Mark Moraghan himself.
  • He and TUGS voice actor Sean Barrett both appeared in the same episode of "Scene".
  • He was the second British narrator to have his narrations exported to North America, the first being Ringo Starr.
  • According to a Twitter conversation, Mark's favourite character is Percy. He also said in an interview with the Sodor Island Fansite that he also liked Cranky.


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