Making Tracks with Thomas and Friends is a promotional DVD released by Woolworths in 2006 and later re-released by The Sunday Mirror in 2007. The DVD includes two episodes from Jack and the Sodor Construction Company and three songs from the seventh season.


  1. Jack Owns Up - At a job at the warehouse, Miss Jenny warns the machines not to cause any accidents or they'll be sent back to the yard. Ned is especially worried. When Jack breaks some slate Ned gets the blame. Ned starts back to the yard. But Jack realises what has happened and owns up to Miss Jenny. Jack feels good for doing the right thing.
  2. Percy's Scary Tale - It's Halloween night. Percy and Alfie are working in the forest when Kelly tells a story about the One-Eyed Lorry. Max and Monty scare the others about the One-Eyed Lorry. Later, with Thomas' help, the other machines get their own back!


  • This is the only UK DVD of any kind to feature Thomas songs from Season 7.


  1. Five New Engines in the Shed
  2. The Red Balloon
  3. Troublesome Trucks



2006 DVD menu

2007 DVD menu