“You must believe in magic now!"
"Perhaps. I can do magic too. Just watch me fly!”
―Thomas and Gordon

Magic Mischief is a magazine story.


Magicians have gathered at the seaside for a special meeting. Thomas has to pick them up and take them back to the main station. Thomas arrives at the main station safely and pulls up beside Gordon. The magicians collect their luggage and board Gordon's express, which is to take them to the airfield. Gordon remarks that the passengers do not look like magicians and that he does not believe in magic. Then some strange things happen. First, a porter's trolley begins to roll down the platform on its own. Next, a fire bucket falls off its hook and spills sand on the platform.

Thomas thinks that the strange goings on are to do with the magicians, but Gordon insists that it is nothing to do with them. That moment, Gordon's whistle peeps loudly and sticks. It is some time before the whistle is fixed and the shrill sound stops. Thomas believes this is magic too. Gordon still thinks that the whole idea of magic is rubbish. His fireman starts to shovel coal into Gordon's firebox. Soon, Gordon starts puffing out thick purple smoke. Gordon insists that it is just a batch of bad coal causing the purple smoke. The magicians then try to board Gordon's carriages, but the doors will not open. The guard pulls hard on every handle, but they will not budge. The porter oils the hinges, but it is still no use. Just as the coaches are about to be taken out of service, the doors suddenly open. Gordon now thinks that perhaps there is such a thing as magic.



  • Gordon is out of scale in one illustration.


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