This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode'.
“The last time you had your purse was when you paid the conductor for our tickets. You must have left it on the train!”

'Lost Property!' is a magazine story.


Stephen and Bridget are excited - it is Saturday, and Lady Hatt is going to take them shopping in Wellsworth to buy them a treat. They hurriedly have breakfast and get ready, and head to the station. James is ready and waiting, so they quickly jump on board. Lady Hatt has no time to buy tickets from the ticket office, so she buys some from the guard on the train.

When they arrive at Wellsworth they go to a toy store, and Stephen and Bridget look around to see what they would like Lady Hatt to buy. Stephen decides he wants a magnifying glass, so he can be like a detective, and Bridget chooses a doll's tea set. But when Lady Hatt goes to the counter to pay for the items, she realises she has lost her purse. They put the toys back, and try and find it.

Stephen recalls the last time she used it was on the train, so they hurry back to the station. James is waiting in a siding with his train, so they search the coaches - to no avail. Stephen has another idea - to look in the 'Lost Property' office. Luckily they find the purse there, but the toy store has since closed. Lady Hatt decides to take them out for a delicious tea.

At the cafe they enjoy cakes, buns and sandwiches. Stephen and Bridget agree that the day turned out really well after all - Stephen got to act like a real detective, and Bridget got to have tea with a real tea set.



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