“Beep! Beep! Mind you don't blow smoke in my eyes! Steam engines should be banned!”
―Lorry 2

Lorry Trouble is a magazine story.


Thomas is helping to make deliveries to a busy building site with trucks loaded with tiles and bricks. On the way, Thomas meets Lorry 1 near a level crossing. Thomas has to wait while the lorry drives recklessly towards the railway track. Lorry 1 bounces over Thomas' line and spills a heap of rubble onto the tracks. Lorry 1 just sneers as he speeds away leaving Thomas' crew to clear the line.

It takes quite some time before Thomas is able to go on his way. Further down the line, Lorry 2 comes driving alongside him. As he speeds along, a sheet used to cover his load breaks loose and flies into Thomas' face. Thomas' driver has to stop to remove it. Lorry 2 does not bother to collect it and races on, laughing rudely. Just then, Caroline rolls by and Thomas tells her he is having lorry troubles. Caroline agrees that Lorry 1 and Lorry 2 need to learn some manners.

Next day, Thomas is delivering another load to the building site when he spots Caroline, trundling along even slower than usual. Suddenly, Lorry 1 and Lorry 2 roar up behind her, demanding she let them through. Caroline lurches and accidentally spills some oil on the road. Lorry 1 does not see it. He drives onto the oil and starts to skid. Lorry 2 cannot stop in time and collides with Lorry 1. Both lorries loose some of their loads and Lorry 1's back wheels are stuck in a ditch. Lorry 2 has a flat tyre and a broken headlamp. Thomas is rather glad; at least the bothersome lorries will not be causing anymore trouble today.



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