“You see, Spencer, being little means you can still be Really Useful, too!”

Little and Light is a magazine story.


Spencer is on Sodor with the Duke and Duchess of Boxford who are to have dinner with the Mayor at Wellsworth Town Hall. Percy is jealous of Spencer, who tells him it is not his fault for being little. Now Percy just thinks Spencer is too big for his buffers. Both engines set off for Wellsworth; Spencer heading to the station and Percy to the Goods Yard.

Not far away, the River Rose canal boat is chugging slowly along the canal. An old, dead tree has crashed into the canal, sending water flying over Spencer's line. Spencer brakes hard; it is too dangerous for Spencer to cross the waterlogged track. Then, Percy arrives and offers to take the Duke and Duchess to the Mayor in his box car. Percy is delighted to be useful, but cannot help teasing poor Spencer.



  • The tree would not have splashed up enough water to make the tracks dangerous.


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