Little Engines Help Out is a Swedish DVD featuring eleven episodes from the fifth season.


  1. George Messes Up
  2. Baa!
  3. Percy and the Attack
  4. The Flood
  5. Spooky for Henry
  6. Twin-Trouble
  7. Stepney Astray
  8. Toby's Discovery
  9. It's in the Air
  10. Old Snail
  11. Thomas and the Rumours


  • Bye George! is renamed "George Messes Up", Put Upon Percy is renamed "Percy and the Attack", Toby and the Flood is renamed "The Flood", Haunted Henry is renamed "Spooky for Henry", Double Teething Troubles is renamed "Twin-Trouble", Stepney Gets Lost is renamed "Stepney Astray", Something in the Air is renamed "It's in the Air", and Thomas, Percy and Old Slowcoach is renamed "Old Snail".


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