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Linda Ballantyne (born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 14 February 1964) is a Canadian voice actress who voiced Percy in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

She is most famous for voicing Champ Bear from the "Care Bears" movies, "Journey to Joke-a-Lot" and "Big Wish Movie", Sinker from "Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks", Wasp from " Avengers: United They Stand", Queen Mayla from "Mia and Me", Tulip from "Toot & Puddle", Wicked from "Cyberchase", and the voice of Sailor Moon in the Cloverway dub.


  • Percy (Thomas and the Magic Railroad; final cut)


  • According to an interview with Sodor Island Fansite, after telling her nephew who she would voice, he replied "I don't think so, Aunt Linda. Percy's a boy".
  • She was inspired by Susan Roman to become a voice actress. They worked together on "Sailor Moon" and "The Avengers: United They Stand" alongside Salty's Lighthouse voice actress Lenore Zann.
  • Both she and Joe Mills worked on "Toot & Puddle".
  • She, Roman and Shining Time Station actress Elizabeth Hanna had roles in "Sailor Moon" and "The Care Bears" film series.
  • She and Roman both had roles in "Arthur".

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