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Limited Edition Collection was a series of plastic toys which were released in the UK and Australia by The Promotions Factory in 2007. They were available individually for £1.99/$2 each at supermarkets and major department stores. For a short period they were sold with DVDs in Brazil.


Rolling Stock

Non-rail Characters

Value Packs

  • Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Bertie, and The Fat Controller
  • Thomas, Edward, Emily, Spencer, and The Fat Controller
  • Thomas, James, Mavis, Harold, and The Fat Controller
  • Christmas Collection 10 pack
  • Birthday Collection 10 pack
  • Box of 24
  • 25 pack with playmat
  • Thomas Soft Storage Case


  • Most of the toys are modelled off of their Take-Along versions. The Troublesome Truck is modelled off of the Wooden Railway Giggling Troublesome Truck.
  • The vehicles' wheels on their sides do not move. Instead, they have four wheels underneath which allow them to move.
  • Edward, Henry, Gordon and James are drastically shortened, causing their tenders to appear to be part of their main bodies, while Emily and Spencer do not have their tenders.


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