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"All the engines are so useful!
What we sang before was wrong!
— The trucks

Left Alone is a read and colour rhyming magazine story.


The trucks are being very troublesome, singing a rude song about steam and diesel engines. The engines decide that something needs to be done.

As Fergus collects the trucks, they laugh at his tall funnel. To teach them a lesson, Fergus decides to leave them in a tunnel. It is cold and damp inside the tunnel and the trucks plead to the engines to let them out. The engines hear them, but pretend that they don't.

Eventually, Fergus pulls the trucks out. Now the trucks sing a different song about the engines being really useful.



  • In the last illustration, Fergus can be coloured in by the reader.


  • Fergus' buffers are black when they should be brown.
  • Diesel 10's buffers are round when they should be oval shaped, his claw is also possibly missing.
  • The Diesel has black buffers when they should be white.


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