Lakesider III
  • Builder: Hepple & Co.
  • Built: 1914

Lakesider III is a paddlewheel steam tugboat, which lives and works at Lakeside on the Skarloey Railway. It was once sent to work at Tidmouth Harbour.

Lakesider III's model was recycled from O.J. who appeared in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends' sister show; TUGS. In late 2012, prior to being sold to the Star Tugs Trust, Lakesider III's wheelhouse was replaced with O.J's head. The model was later purchased by the Star Tugs Trust in early 2013, where it was refitted with O.J.'s funnel and glasses.


Lakesider III is based on Eppleton Hall.


Lakesider III's hull is painted black and its superstructure is painted white. Its funnel is painted both black and white.


Television series

Magazine stories


  • Lakesider III's model once appeared on display at the Battlefield Line for its Vintage Toy Train Weekend.


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