Ladle trucks (also known as slag wagons) are a type of railway wagon designed for carrying slag.


These trucks are used at the Steelworks on the Mainland. There is a chute, which opens up to allow slag (leftover waste from the steel processing) to slide down along a path, before splitting into three branches, allowing the slag to be poured into the ladle trucks, ready for transfer. The steelworks engines' main job is to transfer the leftover slag onto the slag heap embankment at the back of the building, from which workmen pull the lever on the ladle trucks to empty the slag onto the slag heap.

The North Western Railway also owns some ladle trucks, which are used at the smelting shed at Vicarstown Dieselworks.

Techinical Details


Ladle trucks have rusty brown paintwork with red wheels and hazard-striped buffer beams. Some of them also have blue paintwork.


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