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Knapford Sheds is an engine shed situated in Knapford Yards.

History and Operations

The Railway Series

Knapford Sheds was likely constructed during the rebuilding of the Ffarquhar Branch Line that occurred in 1956. It is a two berth shed located at the end of a short siding, slightly north of the station. Since shortly after Daisy's arrival in 1960, Toby, Henrietta and Elsie have generally been sheded overnight here instead of at Ffarquhar Sheds.

Thomas & Friends

Knapford Sheds is a large 8 berth shed, with a smaller maintenance shed located alongside. Emily, Arthur, Salty, Harvey and Murdoch were first based here. Spencer also stayed here on his first visit to Sodor. The shed also consists of a repair shed and a foundry, where Bulgy was repaired and later converted into a Produce Stand on Wheels. Thomas had to stay at Knapford Sheds with Emily after Tidmouth Sheds was demolished to make way for the new sheds, in Calling All Engines!. After the new sheds were constructed, Emily moved from here to Tidmouth.

The Repair Yard was located here until it moved to Tidmouth Sheds in the eighth season.


The Railway Series

Television Series



  • In Calling All Engines!, Knapford Sheds was referred to as a carriage shed and it was stated that Emily lived here on her own.