“Hurray for a really useful engine and carriage!”
―Stephen and Bridget Hatt

Kite Flying is a short magazine story.


Stephen and Bridget are trying to fly their kites, but there is not enough wind. Bridget thinks it is not much fun, but Stephen has an idea and calls for Harold. He thinks the wind from Harold's blades will help the kites soar into the air. Unfortunately, the wind from Harold's blades is too strong and the kites go out of control.

Stephen and Bridget are sad, but the Fat Controller knows who will be able to help. The Fat Controller calls for Toby and Henrietta. The children stand at the back of Henrietta and fly their kites from there. Stephen and Bridget are very happy.



  • In the final illustration, readers can colour in the illustration and join the dots to make a kite.


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