“Pip-peeep! Hello to you too, Kit!”

Kit's Kennel is a magazine story.


Kit is a dog that lives with his owner in a cottage near Edward's Branch Line. As Edward grinds to a halt at a signal outside the cottage, Kit always barks hello to Edward - his owner cannot get him to go inside the house until he has barked hello to Edward. This gives Edward a worrying thought - because Kit waits for him no matter the weather, he might get a chill. Further down the line, Edward has to stop at a level crossing because a van has broken down across the line. Edward's crew helps to push the van to safety and it's owner explains that he is a carpenter on his way to a very important job. Edward offers the man a lift to the next station in the brake van and, once there, Edward asks the carpenter for a favour.

A few days later, Kit was in the garden waiting for Edward, as always, when the carpenter drives up with a present from Edward - a nice, cosy, wooden kennel to keep Kit warm come rain or shine.