Kirk Machan Sheds is the main sheds on the Culdee Fell Railway. The Sheds consists of a Carriage Shed, Engine Shed and Workshops.

History and Operations

The Railway Series

Kirk Machan Sheds are located a slight distance north from Kirk Machan Station, to the right of the line that leads up the mountain. The Carriage Shed has two roads and is long enough to hold nine bogie coaches under cover. It also holds two other vehicles known by the staff as the "Trucks". Due to their importance, they are always kept available on their own road in the Shed.

The Engine Shed now has three roads and is far more commodious and well equipped than it used to be. A small shed with two roads was provided at the railway's opening in 1900. This was adequate for the five engines ordered from Switzerland for the opening of the line and certainly for the four which remained after Godred’s accident. The engine shed was enlarged when three more engines arrived in 1962 and given the three roads it has now. It was also equipped to deal with all repairs except the very heaviest. Each locomotive is lovingly maintained by its own crew and friendly rivalry between crews ensures that the standard is high. Heavy overhauls are now no problem either; these are carried out by the NWR Works at Crovan's Gate.

Godred's remains were stored here after his fatal accident. Lord Harry got in trouble with Mr Walter Richards here. Lord Harry was also thanked here by the Rock Climbers after he rescued them during a gale on Culdee Fell mountain.


It appeared in The Railway Series book, Mountain Engines and a magazine story.