King Andreas (died 1263) was the last king of an independent Sodor and the last direct descendant of Sigmund.


By the time of King Andreas' reign, Sigmund's descendants had ruled Sodor for over 160 years. Between 1262 and 1263, he took part in King Haakon IV of Norway's war against King Alexander III of Scotland to assert Norwegian sovereignty over the islands on Scotland's western seaboards. He and his 23 year, Prince Peter, old son were killed in the Battle of Largs in October 1263.

Peter died childless, so with the death of Andreas and Peter, the direct royal line failed, and no one else was able to make a strong claim for the Throne. Scotland quickly claimed and invaded Sodor, though were temporarily beaten off by 1267. Sudrian nobles decided to end the succession crisis by electing a King, chosing Sir Harold Marown. Sir Harold was too scrupulous to accept more than election to a Regency until a better qualified claimant should appear. None did, and regents continued to rule Sodor until 1404.

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