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Killdane Junction is a junction located on the Main Line.


Gordon had two accidents here. The first accident was caused by Percy who was afraid he will be late and Sir Topham Hatt would scrap him and was not paying attention when he crashed into Gordon who got tar splattered all over him here. The second accident was caused by Gordon himself when he was going through a stage of being respected as he did not know where he was going and crashed into jam wagons. It was also here when Emily learned about how to treat others after Elizabeth was here sent to clear the line of a big barrel.

It appeared in the eighth season to twelfth season.


  • Killdane Junction had two lines with one left out in the eighth season but in the ninth season onwards, the three lines was put together.
  • The water tower was removed in the eleventh season
  • In the twelfth season, it reappeared in its eighth season appearance.
  • The signal box changes in every season.

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