This article is about 'the DVD'. You may be looking for 'the episode'.

Kevin the Steamie is a Chinese DVD featuring three fifteenth season and two sixteenth season episodes.


Victor leaves Kevin in charge of the Steamworks. Kevin decides that he wants to be able to shunt like a Steamie so he can join in a game of Bish, Bash, Bosh with Thomas and Percy. The game is about shunting oil drums. Thomas and Percy say they will come back to play with Kevin later. Kevin decides to start practicing his shunting which causes chaos in the Steamworks as Kevin tries to shunt like a Steamie. An oil drum bashes into Emily's wheels and causes a scratch, another drum bangs under Spencer's buffers, and then another drum bashes into Victor and he is covered in goo. Kevin realises that it's great being a crane and he doesn't need to learn to shunt. Kevin then invents a new game to play with Percy and Thomas. Kevin hides things with his hook in a brand new game called Hide and Peep!


  1. Kevin the Steamie
  2. Wonky Whistle
  3. Fiery Flynn
  4. Sodor Surprise Day
  5. Muddy Matters


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