“Don't fret, matey. He's Cranky by name and cranky by nature. You'll get used to him.”

Kevin Meets Cranky is a Thomas Story Time book.


Cranky is having a very busy day at the docks so the Fat Controller brings in Kevin to assist him. Kevin cannot wait to work with Cranky, but the grumpy crane has other ideas and orders Kevin to stay out of his way. Kevin moves to a quiet corner of the docks, just as Cranky drops some pipes. Kevin rushes in and neatly stacks the pipes. To Kevin's surprise, instead of being grateful, Cranky is very rude and tells Kevin to go away.

Later, some chickens escape from a crate. Kevin rushes in again and starts to round up the runaway chickens. Cranky is still rude to Kevin. Just then, Cranky knocks over some barrels, sending one rolling towards the sea. Kevin rushes to save it, but he cannot stop and falls into the water himself. Cranky quickly lowers his hook and lifts Kevin back onto the dockside. The Fat Controller is furious when he hears what has happened. Cranky confesses to not making things easy for Kevin and declares that the mobile crane is really useful. Kevin is delighted and together, he and Cranky decide to get the docks looking shipshape.




  • On the front cover, Kevin is out of scale.

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