This article is about 'the Story Library book'. You may be looking for 'the crane or the Engine Adventures book'.
“Trembling tracks! What's that noise?"
"That's Spencer's whistle. I'd know that snooty sound anywhere!”
―Kevin and Victor

Kevin, renamed Kevin the Mobile Crane in 2011, is the sixty-second book in the My Thomas Story Library series.


Spencer is back on the Island and is rude to Kevin for dropping and bumping into things all the time. Then, Spencer breaks down around the back of the Steamworks. Spencer tries to whistle but only a muffled sound comes out. Luckily, Kevin hears and comes to Spencer's rescue. Now, Spencer and Kevin are firm friends, and whenever Spencer visits Sodor, he always visits Kevin.



  • Some lines from Hero of the Rails are used including Victor's line, "Haven't you got a job to do Spencer? You're taking up a lot of track!"
  • The line, "Wake up lazybones, why don't you get to work like me?" is similar to a line used in the first season episode, Thomas and Gordon.
  • Thomas going to the Steamworks due to a cracked funnel happened in the thirteenth season episode, Slippy Sodor.
  • This the first Thomas Story Library Book not to be based off a TV Series or Railway Series story.


  • In the final illustration, Victor can be seen outside the Steamworks on what look like standard gauge tracks and his eyes are a bit wonky.
  • On the 2010 cover, Kevin's hubcaps are grey instead of their normal yellow. This was fixed on the 2011 cover.
  • In the first picture, Spencer has no nameplate.