This article is about the town of Kellsthorpe. You may be looking for the station.

Kellsthorpe is a town on Sodor, in the south west. The nearest railway station, Kellsthorpe Road, is located about 2.5 miles south of the main town.


The town of Kellsthorpe gets its name from Thorkell of Norwich. He and Godred Crovan fought on opposite sides at the battle of Stamford Bridge (1066). Both were wounded and struck up a friendship afterwards. When Saxon resistance to William I collapsed in 1067, Thorkell marched his men across to the Lancashire coast. They were welcomed in Sodor by Jarl Ogmund, and granted land in return for help when required in the defence of the Island.

Thorkell's descendants, the Kellson family, still live here and are well known on the Island. Many of the towns other inhabitants can also trace their lineage back to Thorkell's men.

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