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"You must slow down and take care!"
"I am taking care! Taking care to finish first!
— Edward and James
Keeping Up with James

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Abi Grant


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

November 25th,
2005 (UK)
November 26th,
2005 (US)
March 14th,
2007 (AUS)

Previous episode

Thomas and the
Golden Eagle

Next episode

Flour Power

Keeping Up with James is the twenty-fifth episode of the ninth season.


James is teamed with Edward to clear a path through the snow to Knapford. Edward can not go fast and James is afraid he will delay him, but cheers up when he finds he can slide at high speeds on the icy rails. James and Edward later collect coal from the coaling plant, and Edward warns James to take care on the icy rails, to no avail. James slides too fast down Gordon's Hill, loses control and derails into a snowdrift. The Fat Controller is cross and tells James he will not be able to pull the presents train, the reason why James wanted to go so fast, and gives the train to Edward. James offers to be Edward's back engine, and the Fat Controller agrees but tells him to be careful. The presents train arrives on time, and James feels proud.




  • A deleted scene shows Thomas passing James and Edward. An alternate angle of the same scene is edited to show Thomas wearing a Day Out with Thomas face.
  • Percy's snowplough is Duck's from the sixth season episode, Toby Had a Little Lamb.
  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-third episode of the ninth season.


  • Edward and James' snowploughs become blue and red respectively in the first scene of them in the snow.
  • When Edward and James pull the presents train down Gordon's Hill, James applies his brakes, but his wheels still move.
  • In the first scene of James and Edward clearing snow, James' front bogie is derailed.
  • As the scene fades to James and Edward going up Gordon's Hill with the empty trucks, James stops.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Holde følge med James Keeping Up with James
Gaelic James precipitadas Hasty James
Danish James og Julegavetoget James and the Christmas Train
Japanese ジェームスについていく Keeping Up with James
Spanish Alcanzando a James Reaching James



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