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Katsuji Mori (森功至, born on July 10th, 1945 in Tokyo) is a Japanese voice actor who provided voices for the Japanese narration of Thomas & Friends.

He is most famous for his roles of Ken the Eagle from "Gatchaman", Garma Zabi from "Mobile Suit Gundam", Professor Oak from "Pokémon", Nephrite from "Sailor Moon", Horace Slughorn from "Harry Potter" and Speed Racer (Go Mifune) from the original anime.




  • He played Paul McCartney in the Japanese version of "Yellow Submarine", making him one of the few international Thomas voice actors to have a connection with The Beatles.
  • He, alongside Caspar Phillipson, and Mario Castañeda voiced Nephrite from "Sailor Moon" in their respective languages.
  • Both he and Tokuyoshi Kawashima voiced characters together from "Pokémon Origins".
  • Both he, Simen Sand, Trond Teigen and Janusz Wituch voiced Professor Oak from Pokémon in their respective languages.

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