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This article is about the book. You may be looking for the special and the storybook.

Journey Beyond Sodor is a Golden Book based on the special of the same name.


Henry has an accident while taking some trucks to the Mainland, so James is given the job while Henry is being repaired. James boasts about this to Thomas, and goes as far to say he is Sir Topham Hatt's favourite engine! Thomas is jealous of James, so the next day, he sneaks to the Mainland with James' trucks.

Because the job is not his, Thomas does not know where he has to go. He tries asking for directions from a crane called Beresford, but he does not know either. Then, he meets two strange engines: Theo and Lexi, who describe themselves as "experimental engines", explaining their interesting designs. They tell Thomas about Merlin, and how he has the ability to turn invisible. Thomas is impressed with Merlin's ability.

With a full bunker and plenty of water, Thomas continues on his way. However, he is sidetracked when he notices the Steelworks, and goes to explore it. There, he meets Hurricane and Frankie, who give him a tour of the Steelworks and a shed to sleep in for the night. The next morning, Thomas finds that they delivered his trucks for him. He says he must return to Sodor, but because they helped Thomas, Thomas must help them in return.

The work is dangerous, and Thomas becomes fed up when they give him more jobs. So, while they are asleep, Thomas breaks out of the Steelworks. On his way back, Thomas hears Merlin's voice, even though he cannot see him. Meanwhile, James, who has been stuck doing Thomas' jobs while he was away, decides to go look for him. Back on the Mainland, Thomas sees that Hurricane and Frankie are trying to find him, so Beresford hides him. Suddenly, the two meet up with James and take him to the Steelworks. Thomas collects the experimental engines to rescue him.

Theo and Lexi distract the two by pretending they have scrap for them while Thomas sneaks in. James is relieved to see Thomas; he says the work does not suit him either, and they are about to leave when Hurricane and Frankie return. They are chased around the Steelworks when Theo accidentally hits a switch. The switch activates a magnet that carries Thomas over a huge furnace!

Luckily, Theo manages to bring Thomas back down, but knocks over a pot of molten steel in the process. As the steel nearly reaches Thomas, Hurricane suddenly shunts him out of the way before his wheels become engulfed in the steel. Merlin helps pull Hurricane back to safety, but he must be repaired. Frankie laments the idea of working alone, so the experimental engines agree to help while Hurricane is away.

Thomas and James return to Sodor and make amends from their argument about being the "favourite engine". Sir Topham Hatt comes to the sheds to see all his favourite engines, all together again.




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