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There's a Job for Everyone, also known as Jobs-a-Plenty, is a song from The Great Discovery.


(Chorus:) Jobs a-plenty, five, ten, twenty – jobs for everyone.

Jobs galore, and still there's more, more jobs that must be done!

Train it, crane it – you name it – then we all can say:

The town that time forgot will shine like new on Sodor Day!

There's jobs for main line engines

And narrow gauge as well.

Jobs for workmen in the woods

With trees to clear and fell.

And guess who's trying hardest

To do more than the rest?

It's Thomas! But the others know

They all will do their best.


Emily and Gordon

Take fallen trees and rocks.

James and Edward bringing stone,

While Henry's at the Docks.

And Toby drops off workmen

To work with Jack and Ned

When Percy drops supplies.

No time to rest at Tidmouth Sheds.

(Chorus x2)

The town that time forgot will shine like new on Sodor Day!



Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • The Great Discovery - A deleted scene of Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt at Great Waterton.
    • Thomas pulling Buster.
    • Harvey in the woods lifting logs onto flatbeads.
    • Duncan at the quarry.
    • Buster in the woods.
    • James pulling rocks at Great Waterton.
    • Percy pulling Alfie.
    • Emily & Gordon pulling trucks of rocks & trees.
    • James & Edward pulling stone.
    • Toby dropping off workmen at Great Waterton.
    • Alfie digging from a deep hole.
  • Dream On - An extended shot of Thomas leaving Tidmouth Sheds.
  • Thomas and the Lighthouse - An extended shot of Percy and James passing by the windmill.
  • Thomas and the Big Bang - And extended shot of Peter Sam pushing timber logs.


  • The last line of the German version is omitted.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese しごとがたくさんあるからね It's Because There Is a Lot of Work
Norwegian Her er arbeid til alle som ønsker å hjelpe for a Cause Here's Work for Everyone Who Wants to Help for a Cause
German Arbeit ist für alle da Work is for everyone
French Une Abondance D'Emplois An Abundance on Jobs
Polish Praca dla Każdego Work for Everyone
Finnish Kaikki Työhön Aamuyöhön All Work Until the Early Morning
Dutch Lekker klussen Tasty Jobs
Portuguese Tarefas para todos Jobs for All

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