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“Spot on, Jack! You'd make a mother proud!”
―Miss Jenny, A Friend In Need, sixth season

Miss Jenny Packard, commonly known as simply Miss Jenny, is a Irish woman who is the owner of the Sodor Construction Company, and takes responsibility for a number of the bigger building projects around Sodor.


Miss Jenny inherited the construction company from her father, Mr Packard, who founded the company.

When Miss Jenny glad Jack was lucky unhurt but was disappointed of his foolishness due to disobeying her "Safety First" rule meaning where they shouldn't belong and she gave Jack a another chance that he could do better the following day. She praised Jack for his bravery and accepts and welcomes him into the Pack.

Later, she shows the Fat Controller for the tour to see the site for the new school the Pack are preparing and she, the Fat Controller, the Foreman and the Experts that Oliver has discovered a complete dinosaur skeleton. She and the foreman told the Pack to work carefully or anyone who caused the accidents will be sent back to the yards, as Ned is about to be sent away, Jack admits Miss Jenny that he knocked over the slates and sent him back to the yards. When she hears about the news and scolds Max and Monty for causing a lot of trouble and Thomas is covered in concrete, only she explain that they are all part of the team and there is no such thing as most important, she also scolds Patrick for bragging about concrete. When she tells Kelly about Isobella is coming off the road and teetering on a bridge, she encouraging Kelly to rescued Isobella to his bravery. Miss Jenny told the Pack that the mud is dangerous and told Max and Monty to be careless. She calls Byron to rescue Alfie after he trapped in thick mud and encouraging him to pull Alfie out of the mud. She scolds Max and Monty again for spend the next three days in the sheds. Miss Jenny told the Pack to be careful so they can props the lightning tree before their fall over, she praised Jack, Alfie, Oliver and Kelly that the lightning tree is saved and scolds Max and Monty once again to returned to the yards. She sent Thomas and the Pack to the football field to clear debris from the car park after a bad storm and she discovers the mole hills on the field and need Buster to flatten the mole hills successfully. Miss Jenny informed Nelson that Thomas had an accident at Maithwaite Crossing and the Fat Controller needed him to take Thomas to the repair yard. Miss Jenny also allow Max, Monty and Buster to test the racetrack and told Max and Monty to no speeding. She also show the Foreman to demolition plans and tells Oliver and Ned to get to work. She also praised Alfie for saving the kittens after the wall collapses. After the Pack is run out the fuel and became stuck, she calls the Fat Controller to sent Thomas to deliver the fuel to Isobella at Cronk and sent her to collect fuel and deliver to the site. She praised Isobella to deliver fuel to the Pack successfully.

Later, the Fat Controller calls Miss Jenny that Thomas discovered at Great Waterton and she tells the Pack to help restore the town.


Jenny Packard is a kind and friendly lady, however when needed she can be stern. She takes pride in her job.

When she is pleased with someone, she compliments them with "You'd make a mother proud!".


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