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"You're finally in a poster. Maybe you are good enough after all!"
— Thomas seeing James in Edward's poster
James the Second Best

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Paul Larson


Michael Angelis
Michael Brandon

Air date

September 17th,
2006 (UK)
December 2nd,
2006 (US)

Previous episode

Thomas and
the Treasure

Next episode

Thomas and
Skarloey's Big Day

James the Second Best is the twenty-seventh episode of the tenth season.


James is shocked to discover Edward has been chosen to appear on a railway poster. He tries to be as good as Edward by treating his trucks nicely and being useful, but he is held up after being cleaned, and is afraid Edward will finish his passenger journey before him. James uses the main line to get ahead of Edward, but when he goes onto the same line as him he stops suddenly for a signal and Edward is unable to stop in time. Edward bumps behind James and is pushed forward into Edward's railway poster. Although Thomas jokes he is the poster engine now, the Fat Controller is less than impressed and tells James the children will be unable to visit the seaside now that Edward is damaged. However, James acts as a backing engine for Edward.




  • The Ffarquhar station model is altered and moved to the main line to portray Killdane.


  • The photographer took Edward's picture in a shed, but on the poster, Edward was pulling two red branch line coaches.
  • When Edward is pushing James and the camera speed slows as James derails, Edward's wheels are moving forward.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian James er nest best James is Second Best
Japanese ジェームスは2ばんめ James the Second
Swedish Näst bäst Second Best
Danish James og plakatlokomotivet James and the Poster Locomotive
Finnish James haluaa olla ykkönen James Wishes to be Number One



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