This article is about 'the 1999 board book'. You may be looking for the steam engine, the Railway Series book', the magazine story, the 1991 board book, the Story Library book or the Engine Adventures book'.

James the Red Engine is a board book released by Random House in 1999. It was illustrated by Josie Yee.


James has a big job to do, that is pulling trucks. Halfway up the hill, the trucks play a trick on James, who then gets all of the trucks up the hill and Sir Topham Hatt calls James a "Really Useful Engine".




  • James is too low to the ground.
  • The trucks don't have couplers.
  • Edward is missing his number, his lining is inaccurate and his dome and cab are far too short.
  • James and the trucks don't have axles.
  • James is missing his whistle, one of his buffers and his front coupler in the second illustration.
  • James is incredibly out of scale in two of the illustrations.
  • In the third illustration, James' whistle is angled the wrong way and what's more, James is missing his siderods.
  • James' handrails are yellow.
  • In the 1st illustration, the rails have spikes, for the remainder of the story, the spikes disappear.
  • James and the trucks don't appear to have rear bufferbeams.
  • James' driving wheels are missing their counterweights.