“Remember, Jack, more haste, less speed!”

Jack's Tracks! is a magazine story.


Jack and Alfie are extending the main station car park. Jack is so excited, but he keeps making mistakes. First, he dumps the rubble on the railway line, not into the trucks. Then, he drops a bag of cement which bursts open and the dust goes into Alfie's eyes. Jack rushes over to help his friend, but he tips over. Alfie goes and fetches Harvey for help. Later, the Fat Controller comes to inspect their work. Jack rolls over some wet cement and his tyres make prints in the cement. The Fat Controller orders Alfie to do the same. They are confused until the Fat Controller puts up a sign that reads: "These tyre marks were made by Jack and Alfie who worked really hard". Alfie chugs with pride and Jack is so excited, he nearly topples over again.



  • Some elements of the plot are similar to Jack Jumps In.
  • When republished in 2014, the exclamation point was dropped from the title.


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