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This article is about the US/UK DVD release. You may be looking for the song, the German DVD or the Danish DVD.
It's Great to be an Engine

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Music by

Robert Hartshorne
Ed Welch


HiT Entertainment
Universal Studios
Home Entertainment


October 18th, 2004
January 9th,
2009 (UK)
September 21st, 2004
2012 (US)


56 mins (UK)
60 mins (US)

Preceded by

Pulling Together! (UK)
Thomas and the Jet
Engine and Other

Followed by

Peep! Peep! Hurray!
Three Cheers
for Thomas
The Early Years (US)

It's Great to be an Engine is a UK/US VHS/DVD featuring seven eighth season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon and one song.



Thomas & Friends are back with over 55 minutes of non-stop new stories and fun on the beautiful Island of Sodor. Brand new to DVD, It's Great to be an Engine includes 7 exciting stories plus interactive sections such as 'Dot to Dot', 'Henry Huffs Out Of The Station' and a new song to sing along to!


Magic carpets, rip-roaring races, snow, sleet, wind, and trainloads of ice cream! Every season on the Island of Sodor brings new opportunities for adventure and discovery. And that means there is never a dull moment for Thomas and all the engines on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway. Will Emily get the timber to Farmer McColl in time to save the baby calves? Will Toby muster enough confidence to push Gordon up a hill? And will James learn that it's better to be useful than to be important? Watch and find out. Share in these timeless stories featuring seven of the Island's classic characters, and you'll see why it's true that It's Great To Be An Engine!


  1. Too Hot for Thomas
  2. Emily's Adventure *
  3. You Can Do it, Toby!
  4. Gordon Takes Charge **
  5. Edward the Great
  6. James Goes Too Far *
  7. Percy and the Magic Carpet

(*Followed by a Learning Segment)

(**Followed by a song)


Learning Segments

  1. Dot to Dot - Edward
  2. Henry Huffs out of the Station

Bonus Features



  • A photoshopped image from Toby's Windmill is on the 2008 rear sleeve of the UK DVD, with Toby's face changed from Sad to Happy.
  • This was the first UK Thomas VHS released in widescreen.


  • In the DVD menu, Annie and Clarabel's names are missing and Thomas is behind the fence at the platform when it should be behind him.
  • In one of the intermissions, Edward has Thomas' whistle sound.
  • The US trailers has a closeup of Gordon's whistle with the sound of Thomas'.


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