Isla is an Australian "Flying Doctor" aeroplane who befriends Thomas during his time working in Australia.


Thomas & Friends

Thomas is first introduced to Isla in the Australian outback when Shane sees her in the sky, jokingly telling Thomas that she is a flying koala. Isla next appears when Thomas is stuck on a broken bridge and tries to get her attention to be rescued, but she flies away and informs Shane, leaving Thomas thinking she did not notice him. Later, Shane arrives, pulls Thomas back to safety, and explains that Isla told him that Thomas was on the broken bridge.


Isla is a Flying Doctor's plane who is always ready for an emergency and has helped many in times of need, but does not like to brag about it. Sometimes Isla takes emergencies very seriously, she is a kind and respectful plane who is always ready for someone in need.

Technical Details


Isla is based on the King Air B200 manufactured by Beechcraft. They were initially used for military service, but entered civil use in 1974. Australia currently leases a number of B200s as part of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and the Royal Australian Air Force. Emerson is another member of this class.


Isla is painted in the livery of Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia; white with a red underbelly, with a blue tail and lining. The RFDS logo is painted on the sides of her tail.


Voice Actors


  • An episode description for Cyclone Thomas refers to Isla as Ruby, possibly revealing this was a working name for her.



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