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Interactive Learning Railway was a short-lived Thomas & Friends toy range that was released in the US by Learning Curve in 2004. The engines were made of metal, and the rolling stock was made of plastic and featured educational destinations which could sound phrases to the engines.

Vehicle Packs

Electronic Destinations

  • Water Tower
  • Engine Wash
  • Coal Loader
  • Cargo Depot
  • Deluxe Roundhouse


  • Accessory Bucket


  • Barrel Loader Set
  • Lift and Load Crane Set
  • Deluxe Roundhouse Set


  • The wheels, track and chassis seem to be based off Wooden Railway.
    • The top half, couplings, and buffers seem to be based off Take-Along and the early Take-n-Play, making the two brands compatible.
  • There was a "Deluxe Roundhouse" (Tidmouth Sheds), but there was no regular roundhouse.
  • Gordon is incorrectly depicted with black wheels.

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