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Inspectors are people who visit Sodor from the Mainland to ensure the Island and its railways are running properly and efficiently. They also aprove new railways and engines for operation.

Engine Inspectors

Engine Inspectors

Often Engine Inspectors are called on to help, when something has gone wrong with an engine. One of these helped Thomas, when there were fish in his tank, another when James became a runaway, and another told him it was not okay to stay in the shed, when Percy tricked him, and another knew exactly how to stop the runaway. The engine inspectors usualy wear the same clothes as regular drivers.


Voice Actors

The Inspector with the Bowler Hat

"My hat! You've sucked it through your air intake!"
— The Inspector with(out) the bowler hat
The Inspector with the Bowler Hat

At the same time The Diesel came to the island, an Inspector with a bowler hat came to quieten the engines after they make a noise protesting at the Diesel. While the Diesel tries to start up, he sucks up the inspector's bowler hat, which results in him breaking down. The inspector complains to Sir Topham Hatt about the incident.


Railway Series

Television Series

Voice Actors

The Three Railway Inspectors

"I wasn't sure, but now I know the Fat Controller's Railway is the best!"
— The Railway Inspector, Thomas in Charge, fourteenth season

The Three Railway Inspectors

The Railway Inspectors, called the railroad inspectors in the US narration of Thomas in Charge, are three men who commonly inspect the railway. Thomas tried to impress one of them, but only succeeded in causing havoc; covering both the inspector and the Fat Controller in coal dust. Thomas was given a chance to put everything right and the inspector was very impressed with the Fat Controller's Railway. He was one of the very important visitors that attended Dowager Hatt's tour of Sodor and after party.

He returned to inspect the island once again, but with two other inspectors that look like him. When they went to inspect the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, he and the other inspectors weren't sure if having both Belle and Flynn is really necessary. However, the Fat Controller persuaded them that it's much safer with two.

Two of the railway inspectors came to inspect the North Western Railway, but proved to be grumpy and hard to impress. They eventually showed a change of heart to the railway after Thomas returned a lost watch to one of the inspectors, which was given to the inspector for working for the railway company for twenty years.

All three later returned to the Island again to observe Hugo. They expressed concern about Hugo's propeller.

A Railway Inspector, presumably the same one, is mentioned in the magazine story Caroline's Cruise. This story reveals that he lives on the Mainland.


Voice Actors

Railway Inspector #1:

Railway Inspector #2:

Railway Inspector #3:

  • William Hope (UK/US; seventeenth season)
  • Keith Wickham (UK/US; nineteenth season onwards)
  • Shōto Kashii (Japan; Too Many Fire Engines)
  • Kunihiro Kawamoto (Japan; Lost Property)
  • Tooru Akiyoshi (Japan; Hugo and the Airship)
  • Andreas Birnbaum (Germany; seventeenth season onwards)

The Island Inspector

"Very good work, Gordon. Very good work, indeed!"
— The Island Inspector, O the Indignity, fourteenth season

Island Inspector

The Island Inspector is a man who checks that the island is running well and looking well. Before his visit, Sir Topham Hatt insists that everything is cleaned on a day that he calls "Clean Sodor Day".


Voice Actors

The Railway Coal Inspector

"Hooray for Henry!"
— The Railway Coal Inspector, Henry's Happy Coal, fifteenth season

Coal Inspector

The Railway Coal Inspector, called the Railroad Coal Inspector in the US narration, inspects coal on the railways. He once visited Sodor to study Henry's special coal, but Henry was unaware that he was a coal inspector and wanted to impress him, so he took on normal coal. The coal inspector later told Henry that he should be very proud of his special coal. He was also one of the very important visitors that attended Dowager Hatt's tour of the island and party.


Television Series

Magazine Stories

Voice Actors

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