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"That's the first time I've looked like a flying firework!"
— Harold

In a Spin is a magazine story. It was originally released in 2006 and later in 2010 with slightly edited text.


It is November fourth and the engines are busy preparing for a fireworks display that will take place the following day. That night, Harold was on patrol. As he swooped over the docks, he saw Salty and BoCo working late. Their bright lamps gave Harold an idea which he shares with his pilot, who in turn tells the engineers at the airfield.

The following day, before collecting the Mayor, Harold goes into a hangar at the airfield. Soon, Harold whirls away to collect the Mayor. When he arrives at the fireworks display, all of the children gasped as Harold comes into land. His blades have been fitted with bright lights which makes him look like a giant Catherine wheel. The Mayor thanks Harold for making the night extra special. Harold was proud to be part of such a special night.



  • In the final illustration, Harold's name is painted in black.
  • BoCo's number is missing.


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