Hurry Up, Edward! is a My First Thomas-style mathematical book, part of the 2002 Thomas Learning Series.


It is Edward's birthday and the engines plan a surprise party for him at the sheds. Henry is worried that Edward will not be back for the party's start at four o'clock. Thomas assures him that Edward is never late.

Meanwhile, out in the sunny countryside, Edward is enjoying his birthday. He decides to rest in the sunshine for a while as no-one will mind if he is late on his birthday. As he puffs along, he meets up with Bertie and stops to chat to him. He then passes Toby and Henrietta going to pick up the men from the quarry.

Back at the sheds, Henry is still worried as it is half-past three and there is no sign of Edward. This time, Percy assures him that Edward will be back in time as he is never late.

Back out in the countryside, Harold flies by Edward and tells him that everyone at the yard is blowing up balloons for a party. Edward is shocked. He realises that the party must be for him and that they will mind if he is late to his own party. He puffs back to the yard as fast as he can and pulls up to the buffers in the yard at exactly four o'clock. The engines all say happy birthday to Edward and Henry confesses that he had been worried. Edward tells him he would never be late - not even on his birthday.



  • Part of Henry's running board is red.