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"It's much quieter than a helicopter or airplane.
It's a bit like a big balloon.
— Emily and James, discussing the airship

Hugo and the Airship is the twenty-fourth episode of the twentieth season.


When Hugo arrived on Sodor, he couldn't believe why none of the engines liked him. One day, the inspectors are inspecting Hugo, questioning his safety. Later, Henry sees a Zeppelin and thinks Hugo is flying. He tells the other engines but they question how Hugo is able to fly. When Hugo learns about it, he decides to go off after the Zeppelin. This makes James think of the time he first saw the red hot-air balloon. While Hugo follows the Zeppelin, he accidentally makes Skiff and Captain Joe go backwards with his propeller. Skiff compares Hugo's wish to fly to him being able to go on rails and sea. Thomas tells Hugo he has also had dreams of flying but knows he's too heavy. Later Hugo goes up Gordon's hill, attempting to take off, but when he gets to the top, he goes down the other side. He keeps going over Gordon's hill again and again until the sun sets and he learns that Thomas was right. Later he arrives in Knapford Station and asks Sir Topham Hatt why he could not fly. Sir Topham Hatt then explains to Hugo that he was built to be on the ground and is perfect for travelling by land. Hugo then thinks that might be right after all. He then gives an extra blast of his propeller to make Skiff fly down the track again.





  • Rasmus Hardiker is credited in the UK credits despite none of his characters speaking in that dub.
  • When Hugo pulls into Knapford on the evening, the Fat Controller's hat is not rendered properly as it is invisible.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒューゴとひこうせん Hugo and the Airship
Spanish Hugo y el avión Hugo and the Airplane
Polish Hugo i Statek Powietrzny Hugo and the Airship
Romanian Hugo şi Dirijabilul Hugo and the Dirigible
Turkish Hugo ve Hava Gemisi Hugo and the Airship
Czech Hugo a vzducholoď Hugo and the Airship
Portuguese Hugo e o Dirigível Hugo and the Airship
Russian Хьюго и дирижабль Hugo and the Airship
Hebrew הוגו וספינת האויר Hugo and the Airship
Italian Hugo E Il Dirigibile Hugo And The Airship

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