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Hoppers are a type of truck. They are larger than any other truck on Sodor. They are used for carrying large amounts of bulk material, such as coal, ballast and stone. They are commonly used for construction on Sodor, like when the Harwick Branch Line was being build. During that time, several hoppers of ballast loads were seen in the construction yard. Hoppers are mostly used at the quarry, or at the mines.


The hoppers are based on British Railways' ZFV 'Dogfish' ballast hoppers and BR 22 ton iron ore hoppers. Hector is based on ICI Hoppers.


Hoppers come in many liveries, such as gold, brown, grey and black. The most common livery of them is the North Western Railway's standard grey trucks livery.


  • To date, Hector is the only hopper that has been named and seen with a face.


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